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USA Immigration Visa Solutions

The United States provides for immigrant visas based on family ties, employment, adoption, special immigrant categories, and the diversity visa.

Immigration to the United States is the international movement of non-United States nationals to reside permanently in the country. Immigration has been a major source of population growth and cultural change throughout much of United States history. All Americans, except for Native Americans, can trace their ancestry to immigrants from other nations around the world.

PR Visa

A PR visa is a type of permit that allows you to work and settle in the country with your family permanently.

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This is a visa especially for student who want to study in foreign countries for a specified duration and can stay there.

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Special Immigration Visa

This type of Visa is considered as a special program for those who are at risk and need to be evacuated soon.

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Work Visa

Temporary worker visas are for persons who want to enter the foreign countries for employment lasting a fixed period of time.

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Partnership Visa

This type of Visa is designed for couples who want to reunite and resettle in the target country permanently.

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Family Reunion

Family reunion visa is for those people whose presence of one or more family members are in a certain country.

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Why USA?

Most people have a dream of traveling to different parts of the world, especially in America. There is a common desire to have a financially stable life. It really is self-fulfilling to reach the places you want enjoying the historical landmarks, feeling the cold temperature, and meeting new faces. As people immigrate to America, they will also have awareness regarding the culture and an actual experience of living there.

  • Financial security for the entire family
  • The chance of getting great jobs
  • Educational opportunities
  • High standard of living
  • It is easy to travel anywhere after becoming a US citizen
  • Obtaining citizenship for the children

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