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Brazil Humanitarian Visa For Afghanistan online Form

More About Brazil Humanitarian Visa:

The Brazilian government issues visas for Afghan citizens  who are stateless or displaced as a result of the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

This visa is completely free.

To receive this visa, the person must provide his or her reservation for a flight to Brazil at the time of the interview at the Brazilian Embassy in Tehran.

It should be mentioned that the applicant will be solely responsible for any support in Brazil.

It is also preferable, but not required, that the citizen has already established contact with a Brazilian resident who can greet and welcome him upon his arrival.

Where can you obtain a Brazilian humanitarian visa?

Brazilian embassies in Tehran, Abu Dhabi, Ankara, Doha, Islamabad, and Moscow are now issuing humanitarian visas.

What is the procedure for applying?

Applicants should bring the following documents with them and contact the embassy’s consular service section.

  • Valid travel documents are required.
  • Reservation of a flight ticket using an electronic application form that has been completed.
  • This visa does not require any costs.

For more information, please visit the official website of Brazil’s Embassy in Tehran.

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