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British Scholarships For International Students In UK 2023

August 12, 2022BY Immigration International

Every year, a number of British Council Scholarships are usually open for international students. Some of these scholarships do not require IELTS score. Students can apply for scholarships to study in the UK. If you wish to provide proof of English language fluency, then you can opt for an English proficiency certificate from your university. The British Council Scholarships are open for students of bachelor’s, Master and doctorate. Some scholarships are fully funded, while others are partially funded, supporting students by providing or waiving off a limited fee.

The government of the UK offers this scholarship; hence, there are many universities on board where you can apply. The United Kingdom is reputed for its high-class education. Moreover, students have work permits as well. It means you can continue your education and earn a living. Students who complete their bachelor’s or Master’s degree will have the privilege of working in the UK for two years. Gaining work experience from the UK is a total boost to your career. 

British Council scholarships provide a wide range of majors and fields for students. There are approximately 50,000 courses offered now. Some universities also offer online education to make it available to maximum students.

List of British Council Scholarships in the UK

1. Bristol University Think Big Scholarship

The Bristol University of UK offers the think big scholarship. This scholarship is available for Bachelor’s and Master’s students.

Click here for more information about the think big scholarship.

2. University of Sussex Scholarship

University of Sussex scholarship is available for bachelor’s, Master and Doctorate programs.

Click here for more information about the Sussex Scholarship.

3. British Council Great Scholarship

The Great Scholarship is an excellent chance for international students to study in the UK. This scholarship does not demand IELTS for English fluency. 

Click here for more information about the Great Scholarship in the UK.

4. Scotland Saltire Scholarships

This is a government scholarship offered by the Government of Scotland. The government has collaborated with top Scottish universities to support and provide education. 50 scholarships are offered each year for China, Pakistan, India, Japan, USA and Canada. Applications will open in spring 2023.

Click here for more information about the Scotland SaltireScholarship.

5. British Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening Scholarship is the UK government’s step toward encouraging international students to come to the UK for studies. It is a fully-funded opportunity for Master’s and MPhil students. Students need not have any prior work experience to be eligible. The applications will open in August 2022.

Click here for more information about the Chevening Scholarship in the UK.

6. Glasgow International Scholarship

The University of Glasgow offers many scholarships for international students. Students can pursue a postgraduate taught Master’s degree by availing this opportunity to study in the UK. The program is for the academic session of 2022-2023. The deadline for this opportunity is July 2022.

Click here for more information about the Glasgow international scholarship.

7. Goldsmiths University International Scholarship

You can apply for a Goldsmiths University scholarship before July 25, 2022. It requires no IELST score. The scholarship in the UK is open for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Click here for more information about the international response scholarship.

8. University of Birmingham Global Masters Scholarship

The University of Birmingham offers 40 scholarships to students without demanding IELTS scores. Their scholarships are worth 10,000 euros and are granted for one year. Applications are closed, and students can apply for the next intake.

Click here for more information about the global master’s scholarship.

9. Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

The Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship is an online opportunity. You can apply for selected courses offered by universities in the UK. The scholarship is fully funded so you don’t have to worry about the hefty sum of money required for the fee.

Click here for more information about distance learning scholarships.

List of Universities that offer admission without IELTS:

Following are the universities in the UK you can get admission without attempting IELTS/TOEFL. 

  • London Southbank University.
  • The University of Bolton.
  • The University of Northampton.
  • The University of Bolton.
  • Portsmouth University.
  • Birmingham City University.
  • The University of Basel.
  • Swansea University.
  • The University of Northampton.
  • Sheffield Hallam University.
  • Riga Technical University.
  • The University of Warwick.
  • London South-bank University.
  • Robert Gordon University.
  • The University of Bristol.
  • The University of Plymouth.
  • Aston University, Birmingham.
  • The University of Central Lancashire.
  • The University of Greenwich.
  • Northumbria University.
  • Audencia Nantes School of Management.