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UK Fully Funded Scholarships 2023-2024

November 22, 2022BY Immigration International

British Fully Funded Scholarships 2023-2024 – Without IELTS

Registrations at UK universities are now open for the selection of fully funded fellowships without ILETS in 2023-2024. All selected candidates will receive a full UK study permit, free transportation, and free higher education, including free housing in British universities. There is absolutely no argument about the exceptional quality of education in the UK. The United Kingdom is a powerhouse of quality education thanks to its possession of a number of the most renowned educational institutions in the world, such as Oxford and Cambridge.

IELTS Requirements British Fully Funded Scholarships 2023-2024:

Learners from various parts of the universe desire to study in the UK, but the English language proficiency standardized test criteria still hinder them. Whenever a candidate does not possess ILETS, the below ILETS replacement exams are valid for British Scholarships and also for enrollment. ILETS is the most widely accepted English language test certification in the United Kingdom.

  • PTE
  • TOFEL Tests
  • Password English Language Tests
  • CAEL
  • Cambridge English Language Tests
  • CAE
  • CAT
  • CPE
  • AP


Coverage Of British Fully Funded Scholarships 2023-2024:

The British institutions and organizations that are the honorees’ underwriters would pay for their academic expenditures.

  • Free of cost education and other expenses
  • Monthly allowance
  • Free transportation as well as visa for UK universities
  • Health insurance
  • Easily access to all academic institutions and organizations
  • Free tuition and schooling

No ILETS Scholarships Admissions in British Universities

There are a number of universities in the UK  where students from all over the world can easily get enrolled. This fantastic opportunity is open to both international and domestic students. There is no need to give exams for ILETS as well as TOEFL.

1# The University of Plymouth England

Candidates who’ve already provided information for setting academic achievement have been given the Plymouth University International Academic Excellence Scholarship. The awarding amount of these benevolent scholarships has been lowered by 50% without charge. The comprehensive English language test SELTS has been approved by the University of Plymouth in substitution of ILETS tests.

2# Portsmouth University England

Overseas bachelor students can apply for the vice chancellor’s fellowship for international development. The award amounts to $2,175 annually. The Chancellor Global Academic Merit Scholarship is available to international students enrolled in post-secondary institutions for one year only. Those fellowships provide a distinct kind of reward. As an alternative, before the English language training is provided, numerous scholarship packages are available through the institution to encourage students.

3# Aston University, Birmingham

Aston gives talented applicants both outside and ins

e their own country two-year MBA scholarships. A 50 percent tuition discount is provided as part of the scholarship once a year for two years. Applicants are not required to take the ILETS when they are pursuing internationally accepted credentials or degrees that seem to be comparable to UK degrees throughout the English-speaking world.

Deadline: For all courses, the application deadline is Septaston gives talented applicants both outside and inside their own country two-year MBA scholarships. A 50 percent tuition discount is provided as part of the scholarship once a year for two years. Applicants are not required to take the ILETS when they are pursuing internationally accepted credentials or degrees that seem to be comparable to UK degrees throughout the English-speaking world.

Deadline: For all courses, the application deadline is September 2023.

4# Swansea University

Master’s candidates can access something like an international postgraduate achievement grant. A stipend worth $8,160 will be given to remarkable highly gifted students for just a period of two years. The fellowships are available to applicants who have received an acceptance letter from their university. When candidates want to avoid taking TOFEL or ILETS, students can register for a pre-sessional English language course at Swansea’s English language courses offered.

5# North Umbria University

International undergraduate prospective candidates who still need financial assistance and also have intellectual aptitude are eligible for Northumbria Global Scholarships. Bachelor’s students can apply for undergraduate scholarships.

Deadline: 30 July 2023

6# University of Sussex

Foreign and local students can easily enroll through this scholarship. There is no need to pass an ILET and TOEFL English language proficiency test. This scholarship is for bachelor’s and master’s degrees The time limit for this scholarship is for three to four years.

Deadline: The closing date for the submission of the application is 30 September 2023.

7# Sheffield Hallam University

As a result of eliminating the ILETS criteria, the university is at the forefront of the demand rankings for international students. Applicants who choose to forgo the ILETS can take English language classes at the institution.

Deadline: 14 June 2023

8# Bristol University

The education programs cover undergraduate and graduate British worldwide fellowships. 3 years have been provided for the study duration. Scholarships toward potential leaders are available to university-enrolled postgraduates. In replacement of ILETS, students can register in which was before English language courses provided by the institution.

Deadline: 28 June & 30 December 2022.

9# University of Bolton

The University of Bolton eliminates the criteria of ILETS as well as TOEFL English language proficiency tests. There are certain English language courses and some tests which students can give in the replacement of ILETS or TOEFL tests.

  • CAEL
  • Cambridge English Language Tests
  • CAE
  • CAT
  • CPE

Deadline: 1 June 2023

10 # London Southbank University

Undergraduate and graduate students can apply for International Scholarships And grants at London Southbank University, earning $5,440. Applicants with an English language or literary diploma with a minimum grade of C are approved by London Southbank University.

Deadline: 12 December 2022

11# British Chevening Scholarships

The foreign and domestic office provides British Chevening Scholarships to degree holders. The fellowship compensates for all expenses, along with the complete tuition fee, a living allowance, yet another air travel added accommodation costs, and processing fees, as well as COVID-19.

Deadline: 13 January 2023

12# British Commonwealth Scholarships

Overseas sponsors British Commonwealth Scholarships. Candidates with just secondary schooling or perhaps a bachelor’s degree from an institution wherein English is the primary medium of instruction or assessment are excluded from presenting any documentation to prove outstanding English language ability.

Deadline: 12 December 2022

13# Rhodes Scholarships 2024

To gives students a sense of exposure, 100 Rhodes Scholarships have been given each year to candidates from all over the world and the country. Some who choose to avoid the ILETS or who do not fulfill the English language qualifications can register in pre-sessional English language courses.

14# Great UK scholarships

Great UK scholarships are awarded to students with a strong academic record. The students can enroll without taking any ILETS exams.