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Canadian Work VISA Application Process for 2023 Recruitment

November 28, 2022BY Immigration International

A Canadian Work Visa Permit is an authorized document by the Canadian department that gives selected foreign nationals them to do jobs in Canada. Every year through LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) 2 and half a million individuals get this Canadian work.

Duration of Canadian Work Permit:

Every Canadian work whether open or employer-specific has a deadline. The workers have to leave and stay away from Canada for at least 4 years i.e; 48 months after the work permission ends.

How much time is required to complete the work permit application?

The time period to process perhaps takes 6 weeks or 30 working days but sometimes it may vary. Work permits and the country are necessary.

General Eligibility Requirements for Canadian Work VISA:

Here are the details that one needs to observe when applying:

  • The candidate will stay away from Canada after the work permit expires.
  • With no criminal records.
  • Enough money to take care of family.
  • Individuals must be fit.
  • Must not be afraid of the security of Canada.
  • A medical exam will be required.
  • Only specified one employer will be assisted by the employer.

Documents Required for Canadian Work VISA:

Mentioned documents are needed with the work permit:

  • Application form
  • Status proof of Canada
  • CV
  • Job offer in writing
  • Certificate of marriage
  • Certificate of education
  • Valid passport (copy)
  • Payment proof of government fees
  • Acceptance proof
  • Medical Exam

Need of Biometrics for Canada Work Permit:

There is no need to send biometrics by candidates. But it is needed for the application process to start. It is for 10 years. If you sent it before no need to send the biometric again.

Questions asked for Canadian Work Permit Interview:

Desiring aspirants must reply to some questions as their application procedure. The purpose of the interview is to do the verification of information about your knowledge of Canada.  Your dress, interview, and documents should be managed accordingly.

Here are a few things to aid you in passing the interview:

  • Company name?
  • Your designation?
  • The time period you have been working?
  • The date/year did you receive the employment offer?
  • About work experience in Canada and outside Canada?
  • Any returning plans to the homeland after the VISA expiry?
  • Reason to move to Canada?
  • Is anyone assisting you with your application?
  • Your religious thoughts.
  • Your free time activities?
  • Foreign travel?
  • Your introduction is in detail.
  • Any physical/mental illness for which you have to go for treatment?
  • Reason to leave the country?
  • Fluency in French/English.
  • Income source?
  • Any debts you are in?
  • Your working day.
  • Marriage status?
  • Any children?
  • Canadian provinces you know?
  • Who is currently Canada’s Prime Minister?
  • Living expenditures in Canada?
  • Are any relatives, or companions working/studying in Canada?