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DAAD Scholarships BA International Management (For Winter Semester)

Scholarship  Detail

  • GenderBoth
  • DegreeHigh School Diploma
  • Scholarship TypeFully Funded
  • Province or StateGermany
  • Language RequirementTOFEL IELTS TOEIC
  • Field of StudyBachelor of Arts (BA) in International Management
  • Duration7 semesters

Job Description

If you are looking for a fully accredited business degree that integrates high academic standards with international internship experience, then this programme is designed specifically to meet your needs. You will learn how to do business as a global player and gain valuable leadership skills and intercultural awareness combined with a full spectrum of strategic management, marketing, finance and other relevant skills. Additionally, the course offers double degree opportunities with universities in Australia, Brazil, Finland, France, Mexico and New Zealand.

Our goal is to train you to fill the growing demand for multilingual, multicultural managers, who can lead dynamic companies across cultures and borders.

Beginning of studies:

The winter semester starts on 1 October.

Scholarship Details:

Course organisation

The International Management Bachelor’s programme is rooted in foreign language competence. During the course of study, English is the primary language used in the classroom and workplace. In addition, students are required to study one or more additional foreign languages (Spanish, Italian, French, etc.) in each of the first three semesters. Since up to 50% of the participants in the programme are foreign students, their integration into the programme is supported through German language courses offered over three semesters.

The Bachelor’s programme is a seven-semester programme that includes both theoretical and practical training:

  • Semesters 1 and 2:

In the first year, particular emphasis is placed on teamwork, presentation skills, information technology, business methods and foreign language acquisition. The first two semesters also cover the functional areas of business (economics, logistics, marketing, accounting, etc.). All courses are taught and tested completely in English with the exception of the foreign-language electives. Foreign students are also required to take German language courses that span both semesters.

  • Semester 3:

The third semester is almost exclusively designed to cover the international aspects of the functional areas of business: accounting, economics, finance, business law, tax and marketing. Information technology skills and foreign language acquisition are further emphasised. All of the courses are taught and examined in English with the exception of the foreign language elective. Foreign students are required to take a German language course.

  • Semesters 4 and 5:

In the fourth or fifth semester, the students work as interns either abroad or in an international function at a German company of their choice. In addition to gaining business and foreign language skills, the internship helps the students with their career plans. They get first-hand experience in a company and an industry where they may wish to work later. Our graduates are often later employed at the same organisations where they have done their internships. Also in the fourth or fifth semester, students have the opportunity to widen their academic horizons at a foreign university. In addition to European universities, Deggendorf has partnership programmes with universities all around the globe, including Hong Kong, Brazil and Mexico. This semester is designed to broaden the students’ management perspective in their field of interest and improve their understanding of foreign systems and cultures.

  • Semesters 6 and 7:

In the final semesters, students take capstone seminars and case-study courses in the areas of international management, finance, economics, and managing across cultures. They also make their first contributions to the scientific world by conducting independent research and study that culminates in a Bachelor’s thesis.

International elements

  • International guest lecturers
  • Integrated study abroad unit(s)
  • Training in intercultural skills

Integrated study abroad unit(s)

Participants spend the fourth (or fifth) semester at a partner university in a foreign country. Furthermore, students must do their internship abroad or in an internationally oriented company.
Students can acquire a degree from the partner institution by spending two semesters there and completing specific requirements. Several of the double degree programmes that are offered are tuition-free programmes.

Integrated internships

During the fourth or fifth semester, students must pursue an internship in a foreign country. They must find the internship on their own but will be supported in their search by the Career Service of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. They can also get information on internships from former International Management students.

Online Learning

The course of study cannot be taken entirely online.

Digital learning and teaching modules

  • Virtual classrooms
  • Video learning

Description of e-learning elements

Lecture notes are available online. Blended learning takes place in several courses.

  • Participation in the e-learning course elements is compulsory
  • ECTS points can be acquired by taking the online programmes
  • The e-learning elements cannot be taken without signing up for the course of study

Academic admission requirements:

Please find the application procedure for international applicants for this degree course here:

Language requirements:

Please find the language requirements for this degree course here: https://www.th-deg.de/en/apply#language-requirements


A supportive environment is vital for students to feel comfortable and do well in their studies. Therefore, we go to great efforts to support our students on personal, social and academic levels.

The International Office assists international students with all matters regarding accommodation.

There are several dormitories and many flats available in Deggendorf.

View our flat rental website for private accommodation and get directly into contact with landlords: https://pmit-ext.th-deg.de/wb/search

For further information, please contact: accommodation-dit@th-deg.de

Language Required:

TOEFL: 72 – 94 pointS

TOEIC: Listening 400-485 points, reading 385-450 points

IELTS: 5.5 – 6.5 points in each section


International Applicants:

You are considered to be an international applicant if you

  • Do not have German citizenship and/or
  • You have completed most or all of your schooling outside Germany

Programme selection

If you are interested in applying to our university, choose what you aim to study and apply directly to DIT via our own online application portal, Primuss.

Programme location

Be aware that studies are based at one of our three campus locations: either at our main flagship campus in Deggendorf, at our new European Campus Rottal-Inn, or at our compact and cozy Campus Cham. The exact location of your selected course is given on the respective programme webpage and the application process is the same for all locations.


How to Apply:

Link to Official page of University: https://www.th-deg.de/en/apply#language-requirements or click on the Apply button to take you to University’s online application page.