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DV Lottery 2023

What is the US Green Card Program?

The full name of this program is (Diversity Visa Lottery). This means a large number of visas. As the name implies, the program aims to attract immigrants from different countries, ethnicities, and languages. The program is launched annually by the US State Department, and among those who enroll in the program, 50,000 people will go to the lottery (a lottery for all participants in the world with full transparency at the State Department). The winning titles are selected. It is run by the US government and no one else is interfering.

Document’s requirement

  • The following information is needed in completing your application:
  • Name, last name, gender, birth date, city and country of birth, email address and phone number, Passport number, Country of Issuance, Expiration date of Passport, education degree, marital status, and the children information if you have.
  • Passport
  • Children under 21 years old and spouse no need to have a passport and they can register with the head of the family passport.

Photo character.

  • Photo size must be 600*600 pixels.
  • Soft photo with white background.
  • Photo must be taken during last six months.
  • Do not wear glass.
  • The size of the photo is less than 240 kb.

How to apply

You can apply online by filling the online application form that is available only on the DV lottery official website.

Check your result here.