Immigration to Germany For Afghans in Need

December 26, 2021BY Test User

  1. Threat warning organization representing the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany!
    For dose
    whose lives are in danger and at risk can refer to this email address below.

This email is for the Threat Alert Organization on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Those who work with reputable Afghan government institutions and whose lives are in danger can participate.
Necessary documents!
1: Identity card of the office or the same institution
2: Note
3- Passport
4- Contract
5- Educational documents
6- Threat line that indicates that your life is really in danger.
– Prepare all the documents in a PDF file and email them. After the email, wait for the answer to come again, but it is not clear how long it will take for you to receive the email, you have to wait for the email to arrive.
– If you are documents were satisfactory for them, the second step will bring you a fertilizer with an Excel sheet. The fertilizer is called (One-time password (OTP)). Do not share the fertilizer with anyone. Fill the house and send it, then your case will be examined – you are waiting for the third step.