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Massey University Mathematics Scholarship 2023

Details about Massey University Mathematics Scholarship 2023

Massey University Mathematics Scholarship 2023 is offered for a bachelor’s degree in the field of Mathematics.

The deadline for sending your application is 01 Jul 2023. This scholarship is provided by Massey University and the value of this scholarship is Partial Funding, up to $2,500. This scholarship is open for Open to all nationals.

  • Degree: Bachelors
  • Provided by: Massey University
  • Deadline: 01 Jul 2023
  • Scholarship value: Partial Funding, up to $2,500
  • Host Country: New Zealand


The Massey University Mathematics Scholarship supports students who are interested in studying mathematics.

Eligibility for the Massey University Mathematics Scholarship:

  • Applicants must be enrolled full-time or part-time (a minimum of 60 credits in the year of tenure), by internal or distance study mode, in the either the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in mathematics at 100 level.
  • Candidates must express a desire to continue their study of mathematics.

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Selection criteria:

  • Achievement in any 100-level mathematics courses, such as 160.101 or 160.102.
  • Demonstrated desire to continue studying mathematics.

Value of the scholarship:

The value of the scholarship is determined each year from the interest earned on the capital. Usually, this is approximately $2,500.