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Exhibition Prize in 2nd Year Geology 2023

August 17, 2023BY Immigration International

Details about Exhibition Prize in 2nd Year Geology 2023

Exhibition Prize in 2nd Year Geology 2023 is offered for Bachelors degree in the field of Geography.

The deadline for the sending your application is Deadline varies. This scholarship is provided by University of Melbourne and the value of this scholarship is Partial Funding, up to $400 . This scholarship is open for: Open to all nationals.

About the scholarship:

This prize is awarded to a second-year Bachelor of Science student who is studying the discipline of Geology, on the basis of academic merit.

Eligibility for the Exhibition Prize in 2nd Year Geology:

Applicants must be in the second year of a Bachelor of Science and studying the discipline of Geology.

Selection criteria:

Eligible candidates will be ranked based on merit in second-year Bachelor of Science Geology subjects.